Our Wines – The Eternity of the Sun Living in a Bottle

Saperavi red dry (made in Qvevri) 2013

This version of Saperavi comes with a powerful aroma including sour cherry, plum and light spices. Full

bodied yet lighter on the pallet than most Saperavi’s, this wine is dominated by sour cherry, black

currant, with the hint of chocolate and cedar notes. Silky tannin followed by a smooth finish ends the

experience of this elegant Saperavi.

Saperavi red dry (made in Qvevri) 2014

This wine presents the sheer power of Saperavi in its most elegant form. This wine is made 80 year

old vines. The wine is fermented and aged in Qvevri (Large clay jars). The grapes are Kurdgelauri

and Tsinandali villages in the Telavi district, on the right bank of the Alazani River. Supple and lush, this is

a supersaturated wash of purple fruit, balanced by a full complement of rooty and herbal spice.

Teleda amber dry (made in Qvevri) 2014

This "Amber" wine is made 100% Rkatsiteli grapes. The wine is fermented and then aged in Qvevri

for approximately 6 months, using skin contact for the entire period of the Qvevri aging. The darker

color is determined by the longer skin contact, by the age of the vine trees, and by the terroir. This is a

rare and unique wine drinks more like a red with grippy tannin and is meant for food.

The first thing you notice is the amber hue of this qvevri made wine that comes six months of aging

on the skins. Lovely aromas of dried apricot, almond, truffle and hay. This medium to full bodied wine

has grip, velvety tannin and drinks more like a red than any white you are used too.


Vineyards and varieties

Georgia has 525 endemic grape varieties but our wines are produced the 3 most common and widespread varieties of Khakheti region.

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History and activities

Georgia has more than 8,000 years of continuous winemaking history, which is evidenced by numerous archaeological discoveries. Georgians have shared t

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Our Winery – traditions brought to perfection

Teleda is a premium Georgian wine producer boutique winery located in Eastern Georgia, Kakheti region in Tsinandali appellation. The winery specialize

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